Dining, catering… and BEER! Oh my! Folks, our dining room is now open and we’re fully ready to serve! So, bring in your family and friends and dine in!

We are still offering catering and to-go orders. Have an upcoming wedding, birthday, or summer reunion? Pitmaster Phil will gladly walk through your food planning with you and let you know about catering discount pricing. If you simply enjoyed the ease of picking up dinner for the evening, our full menu is now available, feel free to still give us a call.

Beer Now Available!

While we had originally anticipated a fall opening for our microbrewery, we’re pleased to announce that things have been rolling right along and we now have our own craft brew available ON TAP! That’s right! The beer is a-flowin, folks, made right here at Big’s!

If you’re a craft beer lover, be sure to add Big’s to your craft beer tour! Chat with our owner/brewmaster Aaron to get the scoop on what’s on tap, what he’s currently brewing and ideas that he has, yet to come.

Beer on tap:

Hound Dog Holler (Rye): Rye beers are made with a considerable amount of rye replacing the normal grain mixture. The Hound Dog Holler is a mild ale with moderate bitterness, which allows the slightly-sour rye tones to shine through.
Hoedown Pale (Pale Ale):  Our Hoedown Pale is brewed with Columbus hops and a lighter version of cascade. Great for hot days.
Penny Scraper (German Kölsch): The German Kölsch was originally brewed in Köln, Germany. It tends to be lighter in body and pale in color. Our Penny Scraper beer is brewed with Munich malts and offers a slight noble hop flavor. Light, crisp, refreshing.

Other updates:

The Mount Vernon Nitty Gritty Antiques Festival brings a crowd to Mount Vernon for Independence Day. Heritage Days is the following weekend! Big’s will have a vendor booth uptown for BOTH of these festivals. You can visit our booth OR stop on down to the restaurant for a bit of rest, grab some food and a couple cold ones.

We are looking at a few ideas to extend an outdoor seating area from the current porch which will allow a larger space for guests to gather and enjoy the bbq, brew, and perhaps some live music. We’re also looking into a beer garden as well, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up-to-date on what’s new at Big’s!

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