We’ve been fully open and brewing for not quite a month now and have a fine lineup of our own craft beers on tap. Our beer is brewed right here at our facility in Mount Vernon, Iowa. We thought we’d run through a quick intro of our current lineup!

Penny Scraper Kölsch

Penny Scraper KölschThe Penny Scraper is a German Kölsch style beer. It’s our lightest brew, crisp, and very refreshing. At about 25 IBU, it’s light on bitterness (hoppiness) and an easy drinker. If you’re not normally a craft beer fan or prefer light beers, we challenge you to try our Penny Scraper Kölsch!

Solden Soul

Solden Soul Belgian BlondeThe Solden Soul Belgian Blonde is easy-drinking, with a low but pleasing hop bitterness. It’s a light-bodied ale, with a low malt aroma that has a spiced and slight pear/fruity character. Medium in sweetness, it’s not as bitter as Belgian-style tripels or golden strong ales. Overall, the Solden Soul has the perfect balance between light sweetness, spice and low to medium fruity flavors. (Approx. ABV 7.4%)

Plow Shank

Plow Shank Harvest AleThe Plow Shank Harvest Ale is a flavorful, malt dominated, German Amber. Brewed with Crystal malt, it has a strong, red wine wine front and a hefty malty caramel finish. (Approx. 6.5% ABV)

Hoot’n Annie

Hoot'n Annie Wheat Pale Ale

The “Hoot’n Annie” is a light bodied, wheat, pale ale. It’s made with German Noble and Citrus hops, making it aromatic and moderately bitter (38 IBU). It’s designed as smooth and very refreshing for a hot summer’s day. One might describe the Hoot’n Annie as being “like biting into a grapefruit”. (Approx. 4.7% ABV)

Hoedown Pale Ale

Hoedown Pale AleThe Hoedown Pale Ale is an easy drinker, brewed with Columbus, Chinook and Cascade hops for a perfect balance of malt, aroma and bitterness. (Approx. 5.6% ABV)

Dadgummit! Amber

Plow Shank Harvest Ale Craft BrewDadgummit! Amber is a complex, rich Amber, brewed with a slight bit of rye to tone down the sweetness. German Noble hops adds complexity to the aroma. Our Dadgummit! Amber has a slight spicy/earthy finish and an IBU of about 40. (Approx. ABV 5.5%)



ThEngelbock Big's BBQ & Brew Pub's Smoked Bock Craft Brewe “Engelbock” is a specialty brew created for our very special friend, Jim Engelbrecht! This recipe was brewed with grain which we smoked in our BBQ smoker! An American bock-style beer, the Engelbock is slightly thicker bodied with a hint of sweet cherry smoke. Definitely a local favorite! (Approx. 4.6% ABV)


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